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  • F9



    The weakest of the franchise since the 4th entry, FAST AND FURIOUS. But at least FAST AND FURIOUS knew that it was acting as the set-up movie for arguably the best chapter of the entire series, FAST FIVE.

    The magic has definitely dissipated. Yes, there's stacks of action and spectacle on the big screen, and you've got to admire this saga's longevity, considering its lowish budgeted sleeper hit origins 20 years ago.

    However, there's no escaping the fact that there's not much mileage left in the tank.

  • Desperado



    Massively entertaining 2nd chapter of the MARIACHI trilogy.

    If it perhaps lacks the lo-fi zeal and charm of EL MARIACHI, and at times feels less of a sequel to the original and more a bigger budgeted quasi-remake of its predecessor (reminiscent of the approach that Sam Raimi took with EVIL DEAD II compared to THE EVIL DEAD), there's still soooo much to enjoy here.

    From a never cooler Antonio Banderas, in the role that cemented his action credentials... To Salma…

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  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


    2011 version on Amazon Prime with an out of place soundtrack by Hobgoblin and overwrought voice dubbing - marred the experience.




    The grand-daddy of all superhero comic book movies. Cinematic perfection and a 70s American classic to boot.

    Yes, this particular 188 minute cut is far longer than the 143 minute theatrical cut that most people have seen since 1978, but more of a great thing is no bad thing in my book.

    Kudos to the Warner Archive Collection for finding this long lost cut and bringing it to Blu-Ray in such miraculous fashion.

    RIP Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Richard Donner. 💗