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  • Ghost is Hungry

    Ghost is Hungry


    A really strong companion piece to Ghost Nursery. This one works in the opposite mode, opting for a constant barrage of flickering images. I watched this last night in a hypnagogic state at 3AM and it felt ideal because the film's flaring bright lights left me squinting and then struck by what would appear once they faded away. As with Wilson's other films, we mostly see shots of nature, but this is more viscerally dreamlike, more physical and forthrightly enrapturing.…

  • Dream Color

    Dream Color

    Dream Color is soundtracked by Delia Derbyshire’s “Dreams,” a song that’s perhaps too iconic for this to truly work. When this film began, I immediately thought about how more than most other pieces of early electronic music, “Dreams” is one that largely benefits from one’s experience with it being strictly aural. The clinical recitation of words and the constant repetition of different colors are both crucial in inducing a hazy, hypnagogic state. As such, to then be given complementary images…

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  • Labor of Love

    Labor of Love


    That Sylvia Schedelbauer cites Paul Clipson/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's Love's Refrain at the end of this is interesting. Something I constantly think about when engaging with any piece of art is whether it needs to be stripped of any unnecessary elements. Naturally, many a Clipson film proves a fun exercise in determining if it needs the music to be successful. And the thing about ambient music is that it's a genre that envelops the listener and establishes a specific mood in seconds;…

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    "If I had been less stubborn and more willing to change, it would have afforded me more chances to actually make the types of films that I wanted to make. However, I don’t think the choices that I’ve made were mistakes—I accept them as well." —Ryusuke Hamaguchi

    Had a quick interview with Ryusuke Hamaguchi about Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, which continues to grow on me as it lingers in my brain. The above quote aligns nicely with something that…