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  • La Haine
  • Heat
  • Snatch
  • Fight Club

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  • Booty Call


  • Night Hunter


  • The Harder They Fall


  • Crop Circle


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  • Booty Call

    Booty Call


    watched this for the first time in over 20 years. Barely remembered it tbh after watching again all these years later. I’m not surprised. Some whack ass comedy guys accidentally playing footsie, a dog licking Jamie Foxx ass. I don’t remember if this was funny in ‘98 but it certainly isn’t in 2022. There were a few like this.. Baps, Woo etc.

  • Wot Do U Call It

    Wot Do U Call It


    Old school Grime documentary. Yes I’m old enough to remember when Grime didn’t have a name. People  either called it Garage or Eski. This doc is from them days. Before Ghetts had his teeth done, before Crazy Titch got locked up for murder and before Kano was a star and Top Boy was even thought of.  Also the white bread “Discarda” rapping on here is hilarious!

Popular reviews

  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America

    Amazon Prime
    So Akeem finds out he was raped 3 decades ago and goes to queens to get his bastard son without even doing a paternity test??? 

    The majority of jokes don’t work because we heard them all 30 plus years ago in the original. The rest of the film is filled with lots of unnecessary cameos and material that would be more suitable for an Adam Sandler made for Netflix movie.  

    Very predictable and stupid. Let’s just agree this movie never happened.

  • The Ref

    The Ref


    Not a good Christmas movie. Much like Kevin Spaceys reputation this hasn’t aged well.