• Beyond Tomorrow

    Beyond Tomorrow

    Bizarre little ghost film goes hard. Fascinating sound effects.

  • Let Them All Talk
  • Lovers Rock

    Lovers Rock


    The beginning is indeed some of the best filmmaking of the year. The walls, furniture, kitchen: yes.

    No one would pay for that party, though. The DJ was bad.

    The sound design was also off. Where was the throbbing bass?

    I also don’t buy some of the heterosexuality, at least from the female point of view. (Something about the emphasis on crotches instead of hips and asses in the grinding scene.)

    And I was told there would be black joy…

  • Pocketful of Miracles

    Pocketful of Miracles

    I wish I had seen this before co-programming The Late Film series at BAM ten years ago. It's a perfect example of a director returning to the same themes and even material with a new intensity and strangeness.

    It's a difficult film to rate it because it's about 30-45 minutes too long. (Films that are 2 hours and 15 minutes are usually too long or too short.) If you chop off the slog of a first act, it would move…

  • Woman Wanted

    Woman Wanted


    Joel McCrea: Himbo pioneer

  • The Silver Horde

    The Silver Horde


    Strong. Jean Arthur is a hard-hearted rich girl. Mostly worthwhile for the fish and Blanche Sweet.

  • Four's a Crowd

    Four's a Crowd


    Curtiz doing screwball is not a good fit. Politically confused, manically paced, but still charming. Worth it mostly to see De Havilland attempt to play an airheaded heiress.

  • The Sign of Venus

    The Sign of Venus

    Strong ending. I wonder if Alberto Sordi's banter in this was an influence on Scorsese for Johnny Boy in Mean Street?

  • Big City Blues

    Big City Blues


    Bizarre little film. Some of the NYC jokes still work, though.

  • Ocean's Twelve

    Ocean's Twelve

    Of course it’s about Hollywood, so it’s about men’s suits, men’s competition/camaraderie, and Julia Roberts.
    (Why does Don Cheadle talk that way? I blame Guy Ritchie.)

  • Marjorie Prime

    Marjorie Prime


    I wish all bourgie white people movies were this interesting. I wish all modern sci-fi movies were this credible.

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    "Why didn't we do that?" Too many logic gaps for a film this tight.

    But what a leap for Fincher, from this to Zodiac. What happened between these two films?

    Great supporting cast. Ann Magnuson! And loved that this was Home Alone starring Kristen Stewart.