Audition ★★★★★

Reminds me of a girl I used to know once.

Thank you for the recommendation Luke, this didn't disappoint!

I tend to find that most horror films are more misses than hits for me, but Audition was just perfect.

Ryo Ishibashi was excellent in this- despite the somewhat warped motives of his character, I thought he played it really earnestly and massively endeared me to him; and his acting in that finale was exceptional. It goes without saying that Eihi Shiina also took this film to another level- that was such a compromising role but she pulled it off excellently. Really chilling.

I think one of the things I liked most about this film was the false sense of security that it lures you into for the first two thirds of it. At times you forget you're even watching a 'horror' film because the story is so entertaining and unique. However you're also aware that all the time the tension is building brilliantly, and the payoff at the end is so worth it.

Loved the structure of the story as well- the increasingly surreal scenes as the film nears its conclusion, combined with the flashing backwards and forwards in time giving new perspectives was really well done. I love that feeling when you're watching a film and things start to get really weird beyond the point of no return. The increasing use of POV shots near the end was an excellent subtle cue that things were starting to go off the rails.

[SPOILER] I did slightly guess how this was going to end, but it was still outstanding and absolutely delivered on the setup. I'm not usually one to talk back to the screen but Audition drew me in so much that by the final scene I had a running commentary going. Let me also tell you that WHEN THAT BITCH GOT KICKED DOWN THE STAIRS I CHEERED!!!

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