Keyboard Fantasies

Keyboard Fantasies ★★★★★

All they ever tell us is about how selfish we are.

this was so sweet. i shed some tears for glenn when he began to tear up describing how younger fans tell him how important he is to their lives. copeland is so easily likable and its wonderful an audience grew for an artist deserving of the recognition. 

As already a fan of his music for a couple years now, I was waiting for recognition to be shown, I wanted more information on his music. If anything, I wish this film had a longer runtime than just over an hour, to focus on the creation of these albums. I'll take the anecdotes we do get, where copeland finds some humor in how all the songs from his self titled were all recorded basically in one take.

the tour footage is added nicely, capturing the performances not only as they are but we get to see close ups of Copeland's face and it shows that he's tearing up while singing Ever New, confirming the mutual emotional resonance i felt when I first heard the concert since the live recording was released around august. it was also nice to get to know the band that copeland was working with and showed their relationship with the artist.

there's this great shot of the camera following Copeland into a venue and you see how warm he acts around every single person, i love it.
an interviewer casually brings up that he has trouble listening to Keyboard Fantasies as the record got him through difficult times. Copeland is just so wonderful to see on the screen. 

it was also important to see Queer youth get to interact with a trans elder. he refers to them as his teachers, this movie is so powerful. Its incredible that young people get to have Copeland not only as a musical influence but as a spiritual guide, a role model, and someone to look up to. this film is wonderful.

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