Tenet ★★½

“I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago!”

Edit (10/20/2020): I had to come back to this and just erase everything I previously said. I think I was really desperate for this movie for so long (and just a new movie in general) that I was so wanting to like this I kind of pretended I did but I really just didn't. It didn't hit for me.
This film has a stellar cast and clearly Nolan has not lost his touch in the special effects department. With that said, basically everything else was lost on me. The story nor its characters didn't hold the emotional pull I usually expect from Nolan's work and I just never felt pressed to care for or about any of them as well as what was happening throughout the course of the story.
Hate to say it, but that's the reality. And even though no one will ever see this, it was bugging me knowing an inaccurate depiction of my thoughts on the film were logged in my diary. Had to change that.

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