Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★

As someone who haven't seen any of the previous outings of this franchise I was quite excited to watch this one on the basis of trailer and the buzz it created... 

The movie starts with telling the recap of all the events occurred with Alice and the Umbrella Corp. 

There is a T Virus which was plagued all over the world to wipe out humanity by this Umbrella Corp and Alice has been fighting against them. As the movie moves forward we see Alice making a deal with The Red Queen who is apparently part of her to stop Umbrella Corp and Dr. Issac by getting the Antivirus. 

As for the names for the viruses they haven't been very innovative they just stuck to basics. The movie has a fast pace with little dialogue like Mad Max Fury Road. But what lacks here is the pain of the punch it should cause. Except for some action sequences, the whole movie kinda just runs like Bolt. 

Another problem with the movie is the cinematography for action sequences. It doesn't really hold onto anything, it just moves so fast and incoherently that you just want it to finish. 

Even the antivirus which is supposed to be spread over the whole earth is kinda a silly joke to be honest. 

Milla Jovovich who plays Alice is badass in her character but she doesn't really get any moments to grab. 

The movie is fun and silly. It could have been something more but still better than Suicide Squad atleast. It has its loyal audience, I mean it is kinda a big franchise.

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