La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

Frames in Black and White, showing a mirror to the society which is still relevant today after 22 years of its release. Vinz stands in front of the mirror uttering the famous lines from Taxi Driver. He is angry towards society and how it is in a free fall.

La Haine starts after the riots which happened because one of their friend Abdel was brutalized by the police shortly before the riot and lies in a coma.

Vinz is filled with rage, he wants to prove something to himself and to others on how gutsy he is. He just wants his characteristic to be known as Gangster who killed a cop.

Hubert is a boxer and more mature from Vinz and Sayid. Hubert wants to leave the place, go away from this violence but he is stuck in his own reality of never leaving. He always tries to calm Vinz and Sayid, saying them hatred breeds hatred.

Sayid is like the middle man of the group. He acts half of the time like Vinz and other half with a notch down maturity.

Vinz has a stolen a gun from a cop in the riot. He flaunts it within his group, telling he will do it. But pulling a trigger is never easy when you have a conscience and never pulled it. But like it is said in Hard Boiled, Give man a gun, he is Superman

We are shown how they are treated, Hubert and Sayid have a run-in with plainclothes policemen, during which Sayid and Hubert are humiliated and racially as well as physically abused.

Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, La Haine portrays a reality that happened and is still happening. It shows anger between the young generation of immigrants who are humiliated racially and physically. These guys want to be free from it, but they are brought back in.

Vincent Cassel as Vinz gives one the best raw performances. He gets into the skin of the character who is lost into a path and trying to make something of himself. He says it is not about how you fall but it is about how you land.

Vincent us supported by Hubert Koundé and Saïd Taghmaoui.

La Haine is important in todays world we live in. It will be important in future too. It is a reality that happened, is happening and will happen.

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