The Rental

The Rental ★★★

Back in 2008, THE STRANGERS put new life into the horror trope that meant a murderous psychopath didn't need any particular motive, or be some supernatural entity to hunt some innocent people for ninety minutes. The murder could be anyone in this morally corrupted world. The reason for choosing you as prey could simply be "because you were home". At first this was a fresh take on horror antagonists, and since it has been done a million times to a point now where it seems to most often put what could have been an intriguing mystery to shame. It is as if we're back to craving the mystery, or that big twist finale that reveals the villain was one among us. Or maybe, it's because some of these faceless-killer movies has a tendency to put weight on said mystery although you quickly realise there'll be no satisfying answer (another discussion is if there has to be). Dave Franco directs his first film with neat craftmanship and maybe because wife, Alison Brie, is in it THE RENTAL (2020) is a better relationship-drama than it is the mystery-thriller/horror it attempts to be.