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  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • Céline and Julie Go Boating
  • Early Summer
  • There's Always Tomorrow

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  • The Deer Hunter


  • Forty Guns


  • Carmen Jones


  • The Big Sky


Recent reviews

  • China 9, Liberty 37

    China 9, Liberty 37


    Fans of spaghetti westerns shouldn't miss this. Sure, it's slow-moving and may seem familiar but the characters alone are worth the price of admission. Warren Oates is incredibly complex as a former gunfighter and Fabio Testi proves to be a worthy younger rival who ends up stealing his wife. Hellman's idol Peckinpah appears in a cameo as a writer selling the legend of the west.

  • Blood on the Moon

    Blood on the Moon


    A psychological western like those made by Anthony Mann. It shows the influence of noir films more than any other genre. Robert Mitchum is superb as always. Gotta start watching movie movies!

Popular reviews

  • The Seventh Continent

    The Seventh Continent


    Michael Haneke is a filmmaker I've been meaning to explore further for a long time but haven't really found the time to do so. I was surprised to discover that The Seventh Continent was his debut feature, so confidently directed it is. It certainly deserves to be better known. Not sure why only two or three Haneke films usually get discussed.

    It's a tough, brutal film in many ways, a thoroughly unsentimental depiction of an alienated bourgeois family. The mood…

  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon


    Ozu's last film before he died, An Autumn Afternoon once again deals with one of his favourite themes: tradition vs. modernity. And, yet again, there's a daughter who needs to get married. The story may be simple but only on surface. Ozu's understanding of human nature was truly second to none. And this allowed him to transition from the personal to the societal. There's no better scene to demonstrate that than the bar scene featuring Chishu Ryu, who has never…