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  • Accidental Love

    Accidental Love

    After the utter revelation of Eight Million Ways to Die, I decided to roll the dice on another barely released producer's cut, in this case 2015's Accidental Love, originally David O. Russell's 2010ish film Nailed. You know what? Shit rocks!

    This is David O. Russell firmly in Flirting with Disaster/I Heart Huckabee's mode, a screwball healthcare sex farce. Jessica Biel accidentally gets a nail shot into her brain during a less-than-romantic marriage proposal by her dipshit highway trooper boyfriend (James…

  • 8 Million Ways to Die

    8 Million Ways to Die


    A god-tier Jeff Bridges performance, an astounding warehouse showdown and a non-stop showcase of deft line-readings (delivered by line-doers, allegedly). I understand why this is so slept on, and I get why people are reluctant to embrace its pleasures, but...come on.

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  • Cruella



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    How could a movie this obsessed with and engorged by needle drops not end with a triumphant montage set to “Public Image”? Straight up music supervisor malpractice IMHO. 

    Obviously way too long, but more than a few times my thoughts wandered to how Bret Berg or Tommy Swenson could cut this down to an 80 minute all-time kids movie classic.

  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    Zero fat on this thing, absolute masterpiece. I forgot that the most hallowed tradition in the series - grabbing brewskis with the team after you eked out another W for the IMF - is established so early on.