Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Boredom is more dangerous than bullets

Guy Ritchie, aren't you something else! I must admit, this guy knows whereof he speaks.

Let me say this straight away; it's not your conventional/mainstream Action spectacle, nor it ever pretends to be. As it turns out, It just doesn't fall in line with other contemporary works in this space. In contrast, it does contravene a lot of modern-day trends by proffering eccentric avenues through an Old-school approach!

In Layman's terms, 'Wrath of Man' establishes authority through sheer presentation skills & Guy Richie's customary stylization. Slow pans, one takes, bird's-eye view; the Guy Ritchie trademark is all over its Cinematography and Visual Representation. Barring the pictorial mastery which doesn't shy away from Blood & Gore, it has also benefited from a sumptuous Score that accommodates so well with the rest.

Other than its tedious pacing and pronounced scarcities relating to character depictions; everything else has been carried out in a rather tidy fashion. And when Jason Statham is at the forefront; one could be assured of his total commitment and dedication; especially in the role of a thick-skinned Badass! Lately, his selections of scripts might have become a bit mundane and predictable yet I gotta confess; he's so good at what he does.

Now if I'm being brutally honest, I had gone in with limited expectations this time; anticipating another one of those nonsensical, idiotic Action flicks. And boy was I wrong! As a matter of fact, it has just become one of my favorite Action movies of all time.

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