Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★½

Life is a dream. It’s a wish!

i think i struggle on whether or not to give it a full 5 stars or not (i probably will).

i’m gonna write a long-ass review because i dont care and because this whole series hit close to home. the topic of religion and faith is just something that i relate to so much as someone with a complex relationship with faith. i think this series forced me to confront that in a way.

on the muslim rep - i agree that not having a muslim play the character and adding an islamophobic subplot is super not okay, but i’m just happy we have someone representing us at all- and that representation, of the quran, of praying, etc. was great in my opinion.

the writing, acting, and cinematography is beautiful. i’m especially in love with the performances of zach gilford, kate siegel, samantha sloyan, and hamish linklater! 

i get why this could be called boring or generic, and that’s fine! but i’m glad i didn’t think the same because it’s just phenomenal.

hill house is still better tho

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