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This review may contain spoilers.

"the worst thing that could've happened to you has already happened, okay? and you're still here."

the descent really is a horror movie that's on another level. the emotional attachment you get to the characters before they even enter the cave is insane and there's a lot of backstory that makes it really intriguing to watch, the metaphors for sarah's trauma tie really well into the chaos. the crazy thing about the movie is that the crawlers aren't even the scariest part (plus i'm pretty sure they don't even appear until far into the movie) - there's so much conflict between the characters and the cave system is so unpredictable that you never know what's going to happen. the jump-scares are actually scary and don't feel forced at all which is a huge plus. the sad part about the movie is that they all genuinely seem to care about each other and they try everything possible to survive and escape, unfortunately that doesn't work out.

beth's death was so sad, she was my favourite and she was a really good friend to sarah. i also wish that juno survived, it was her fault they all got into the situation in the first place but it would've been interesting to see how she would've reacted, plus she had a bit of character development with wanting to go back and save sarah, although it might've just been guilt for the affair with her husband. the twist at the end is so good too, the false hope really takes you off guard. there's so many claustrophobic shots and it makes you feel like you're in the cave with them, it's almost hard to breathe while watching.

overall the movie is an emotional rollercoaster - there's funny, sad, frustrating and disturbing moments that all work perfectly and the cast all play their characters flawlessly. there's great gore, death scenes and it's one of those horror films that are... actually scary. i'm so glad i rewatched this after so many years and i'm excited to watch the sequel.

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