Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

I’m mixed about this one. On one hand, I admire the bold and experimental approach they did in making a thriller. The psychedelic visuals, the outfits, the makeup, the soundtrack (which I wasn’t a fan of). Everything was fresh and hip which we don’t often see in movies of this genre.

I believe they figured they would get heavily criticized for this approach but it also looked like a film that was not afraid of its audience. I think Carey Mulligan’s character: Cassie is one of the more intriguing characters that graced cinemas in awhile. She’s almost like the female version of The Joker which I think heavily influenced her character.  

On the other hand, after about 60 minutes of continual man hatred; the film just started to get boring. the movie didn’t seem any at all “redeeming”, it just showcased revenge against men from a woman that is in grief. 

I also don’t understand the big fuss with the ending. The big ”reveal” wasn’t all that big and I found it quite predictable.

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