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  • Wonder Man

    Wonder Man


    <pulls a muscle straining to think of a "Wonder Woman" joke, gives up>

    Acknowledging that there are many examples in-between that I could've made instead (Jerry Lewis, for starters?), what came to mind while watching this broooooad comedy is that Danny Kaye was kinda like Jim Carrey. Versatile physical comedian with enormous talent and ebullient energy whose zany vehicles can be just as embarrassingly juvenile as they are side-splittingly funny, depending on who you ask or how you feel that…

  • Still Alice

    Still Alice


    After watching both this and "The Father" with the span of a couple months, I'm getting paranoid about my own frequent daily memory lapses. Mine seems to be a much slower burn than what happened to Julianne Moore or Anthony Hopkins, or is that just because their stories were condensed into bite sized movie length and I'm an idiot? Can Alzheimer's spread incredibly slowly over a matter of decades? I've been aware of my cloudy memory condition for quite a…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room



    Is the best way to describe this scrappy, intense, black-comedy thriller from the rising master of scrappy, intense, black-comedy thrillers Jeremy Saulnier. Like his debut "Murder Party", this is a chamber piece, confining a young punk band to mostly one room of a neo-Nazi club they made the mistake of playing at, where they become sitting ducks after witnessing a murder. And close quarters suit Saulnier's modus operandi impeccably, as he once again tackles a succinct premise with an…

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    Oooh yeah! One of those movies that reignites my love for the medium, not that it was flagging or anything, but this actually thrilled me physically and as a (formerly) prospective writer myself. I never wanted to be avant garde or anything – my dream was to write and/or make smart but accessible entertainment like this (and preferably in genre territory), so to see it pulled off so expertly every now and then in movies like "10 Cloverfield Lane" feels…