• Death Screams

    Death Screams


    Lovers head down to the river for some late night making out only to be brutally murdered. As their bodies float down the river another group of people decide to head to the same location and sure enough someone begins picking them off.

    DEATH SCREAMS is a regional slasher that was made in North Carolina but it didn't get much of a theatrical release but instead found a crowd in the VHS era where it was on every video store…

  • Just Before Dawn

    Just Before Dawn


    Five friends go deep into the wilderness for a camping trip but before long they're being stalked by a redneck who has no plans other than to kill them.

    Jeff Lieberman's JUST BEFORE DAWN is another film that gets lumped into the slasher sub-genre but in all honesty it has a lot more in common with DELIVERANCE than it does something like FRIDAY THE 13TH. Still, in 1981 if you made a movie about campers being stalked it was going…

  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day


    Three college friends decide to have a reunion by camping in the woods but unfortunately for them they run into a couple rednecks whose mother has taught them how to rape and murder women.

    MOTHER'S DAY was released a few months after FRIDAY THE 13TH so it pretty much got lumped into the slasher craze that took ahold of the early decade. It's easy to see why people would lump it into that sub-genre but truth be told this has…

  • Buried Alive

    Buried Alive


    A happily married husband (Tim Matheson) doesn't realize that his wife (Jennifer Jason Leigh) has taken on a lover (William Atherton) and that they plan to murder him using some fish toxin. They think their plan works but the husband comes back from the grave for revenge.

    There were countless made-for-television movies made about lovers trying to bump someone off but there really aren't too many better than BURIED ALIVE. Director Frank Darabont pretty much takes a fun set up…

  • The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen

    The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen


    Mitsue (Sumiko Suzuki) is a famous stage actress who falls for a man but he gives his attention to another woman so Mitsue kills her cat. Soon the cat comes back.

    I'm rather new to the Kaidan genre but I did read a wonderful book on the silent era horror films from Christopher Workman and he went into some pretty good detail about the various "ghost cat" movies that were released. It seemed there were at least a dozen done…

  • The Creeper

    The Creeper


    Two doctors (Onslow Stevens, Ralph Morgan) are doing experiments with cats and soon people begin to get knocked off by someone with cat hands.

    THE CREEPER is a nice little title but sadly the film itself is rather "C" grade without too much to recommend in it. The film was obviously meant to be the second or third feature on a bill and director Jean Yarbrough just didn't seem to care about too much other than getting the film done…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    This picks up right after the events in the previous film and Michael Myers is on the loose again but this time the people of Haddonfield have had enough and they go after him.

    Everyone going into this picture knows that it's the "middle" child so people are well aware that this here is basically just setting up HALLOWEEN ENDS. I think it's very important to keep that in mind as you watch the film as there's a lot of…

  • Black Roses

    Black Roses


    The heavy metal group Black Roses comes to a small conservative town and many of the adults are worried about their evil lyrics. Soon they got more to worry about as the band turns their teen fans into demons.

    BLACK ROSES is pretty much a cheap horror movie but it's also a very smart one. If you were old enough to have memory of the 1980s then you'll remember that certain groups were constantly going up against the unmoral things…

  • Attack of the Robots

    Attack of the Robots


    Political figures are being assassinated by strange men and soon Al Pereira (Eddie Constantine) is on the case. It turns out a mad scientist is turning people into robots so that they can carry out her evil deeds.

    Director Jess Franco was entering a rather busy and popular period in his career as he was working with some decent budgets as well as some well-known stars. ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS is more James Bond than an actual horror film but…

  • The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus

    The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus


    The small village of Holfen continues to be haunted by the brutal rape and murders of several young women. A journalist jumps on the case and soon learns about the villager's fear of the Baron Von Klaus and his ghost.

    Whenever you dive into the work of Jess Franco you're going to have a variety of periods to jump from. Most people seem to know Franco for the work that he did during the 1970s where there was plenty of…

  • Bloody Moon

    Bloody Moon


    Spanish director Jess Franco wasn't shy from jumping into a genre, which was proving popular at the time he did his jumping. This time out the director jumps into the slasher genre after films like HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH had proved to be money-making gold.

    As the film starts a deformed man kills a woman after she turns down his sexual advances. He's sent to a mental hospital but five years later he is released and soon afterwards more…

  • Bloodthirsty Butchers

    Bloodthirsty Butchers


    Barber Sweeney Todd (John Miranda) and baker Maggie Lovett (Jane Hilary) realize that they can be a service to one another and team up in this maddening Andy Milligan film. Sweeney Todd murders the patrons who sit in his barber chair and he sends the meat over to Lovett for her pies.

    I've seen the majority of the Milligan titles that are currently available and I must say that I'm amazed that he has such a following. Well, let me…