1,000 Shapes of a Female

1,000 Shapes of a Female ★½

This Barry Mahon directed nudie picture actually tries to work a story in between all the naked ladies but that doesn't exactly help things. Basically we meet an artist who does all sorts of strange things to captures the various shapes of a woman. Sometimes these are just normal nude paintings but he also gets into some stranger things including one subject and some balloons.

1,000 SHAPES OF A FEMALE is pretty much what you'd expect from a nudie picture from this era. Mahon was an expert. In other words, he made all sorts of these types of nudie pictures so he at least knew how to get one finished, released and thanks to Something Weird Video people can watch them fifty-plus years after they were released.

This one here actually features a lot more dialogue than you typical get from his nude pictures. The artist is constantly talking about what he's trying to do with his "women" and his "art" and I must admit that I found most of it to be rather boring. The main reason people would watch this in 1963 was for the nudity and on that level there's certainly a lot of it. If you're just wanting to look at some beautiful women then you might want to check this out. Personally speaking, the nudie genre is just one htat really doesn't hold up that well today.