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  • Takeshita Performance 2: Godzilla vs Mito Komon
  • Sneakers
  • Trust
  • Clue

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  • Blood Beat

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  • Blood Beat

    Blood Beat

    please please PLEASE, if you can, watch this with director commentary. i don’t want to spoil anything. just know that the layers of weirdness just keep peeling back. watch as a double feature with Strozsek, also with director commentary, and tell me the midwest doesn’t do weird shit to Europeans.

  • Censor


    shame this fails on so many levels to be effectively immersive cuz there’s some solid performances in here. i didn’t buy the locations (especially having just watched the Trainspotting sequel which did a great job merging the stagey with the legit) and the “video nasty” movie footage felt canned and phony. fuck, even the movie poster, box art and video store felt like afterthoughts—even tho, if the immersion is supposed to be important, they all should’ve felt appropriately stylized and…

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  • Straw Dogs

    Straw Dogs

    I’m clearly and willfully ignoring a lot of the dated ways in which this movie tries to address really complex concepts when I say this—there’s plenty of content regarding what I’m side-stepping you can check out if you wanna*—but this movie has the best associative edits and reaction shot sequences in any movie I’ve seen. (ie the bar panel violently slamming down and David Sumner [Hoffman] instantly crossing his legs; the opening of the ostensibly decorative bear trap in the…

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark

    people are entirely too hard on SOV movies. you gotta remember, home video and commercial video editing suites were as new to the world as film was in the 1880s. the major difference is video's enthusiasts were polluted by an already well-documented and loved medium, its traditions, its methods, and its slimy nether regions. video tape hits different, looks different, has different technical limitations; but those limitations are comparable to the silent film era. and it was similarly unmapped territory…