Brennan Dortch Cornelius Thunderbolt

Brennan Dortch Cornelius Thunderbolt

Favorite films

  • Vampire Time Travelers
  • Lady Terminator
  • Go for Broke
  • In Bruges

Recent activity

  • DeepStar Six


  • Howard’s Mill


  • Horror in the High Desert


  • Abominable


Recent reviews

  • DeepStar Six

    DeepStar Six

    Under appreciated slice of creature feature fun from Sean S. Cunningham may lack the expected monster shenanigans in the early going but still remains a lovely late eighties sci-fi/horror mashup. I mean, who doesn’t love a murder-lobster? Two likable but forgettable leads are anchored by a somewhat solid supporting cast (Miguel Ferrer is a scene stealer and Matt McCoy is his usual likable white bread self).

  • Howard’s Mill

    Howard’s Mill

    A nice mix of David Paulides’ intriguing Missing 411 series, the Skinwalker Ranch bizarreness and every “true crime” documentary that gained in popularity after Netflix unleashed Tiger King on our unfortunate asses. It lags in a few spots, has a couple awkward sequences/performances and offers up a completely unnecessary final scene but it still works.

Popular reviews

  • Freaky


    A local slasher (the Blissfield Butcher) with a murder boner for homecoming swaps bodies with a shy teenage girl thanks to a supernaturally charged Aztec dagger and this makes his splatter happy plans a hell of a lot easier to pull off. On the other end, the less than popular girl is now trapped in Vince Vaughn’s body and has less than 24 hours to get it sorted before the swap is permanent. Bodies pile up, Vaughn teams up with…

  • Missing 411: The Hunted

    Missing 411: The Hunted

    When I go missing in the woods, make sure I’m featured in one of these.