Rating films stars is an addiction I try to overcome from time to time.

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  • Detective


    Maladroit Rocker Dandies and pretty 60s Vixens loitering around in empty apartments and delivering demented, occasionally hilarious attempts at „cool“ dialogues. The story is laborious and yet goes steadfastly nowhere with an early Godard panache and love for non sequiturs. Even while the outline of the mundane tale about two best friends and rivaling detectives, their misadventures among a host of female sidekicks and male schemers remains disconcertingly blunt all the time, there never is a doubt that we basically…

  • Cuadecuc, Vampir

    Cuadecuc, Vampir

    Sorry to report that I failed to see much more than an above average Making-Of featurette in this. Sure there are great and ominous moments. The black car driving towards an unknown destination in the beginning, an agitated man crosses a plaza, enters some house and gets into an argument with a mysterious other while distorted tape drones boom on the soundtrack. Entranced actors in period costumes suddenly break the illusion and looking straight at the camera. Film technology as…

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  • Tenet


    As usual with Nolan, this is a film that stumbles over its own hyperbole but still is "important" because it expresses so many obsessions of today's blockbuster cinema in extremis. The action-sequence with some (human and non-human) actors moving backwards, others forward in time seem like the most extreme consequence of Bay's, Scott's and their followers' desire to crack open spacetime by means of digitally enhanced action and unbridled editing. The Transformers or something seemed to bend the laws of…

  • Lesson of a Dead Language

    Lesson of a Dead Language


    Decadent mysticism blossoming on the rotting corpse of aristocracy in the last days of the Polish-Bolchevic war. Against the threat of collectivism reactionary irrationalism gathers all its forces channelled by a single officer who uses his last days on earth in search of spiritual apotheosis in the face of annihilation. Gustav Meyrink and Bruno Schulz provide the imaginary for this liminal landscape where Slavic and Jewish Mysticism, Anthroposophy and Symbolism intermingle against the background of the disintegrating old European order…