The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

sam, tipsy: what's the irishman even about?

myself, hammered: oh god, it's like a tragic tale of cliques and betrayal and like friendship and stuff 😭

sam, tipsy: like mean girls?

myself, hammered: it is soooo like mean girls 😭😭 so like omg robert de niro is best friends with joe pesci but he's also best friends with al pacino and then joe pesci, like, tells robert that he can't be friends with papacino anymore. but robert de niro's like "russell, homie" -- his name is russell, joe pesci...not in real life, in the movie--

sam, tipsy: okay

myself, hammered: but it's not okay because robert de niro's like, "russell, homie, al pacino is my best friend too!" and joe pesci's like you can't have *holds up fingers* two best friends, robert. if you want him to be your best friend then i can't be your best friend anymore. and so, like, robert de niro has to stop being friends with al pacino and al doesn't even know because he's like got rose-tinted tits on

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