Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

“we live inside a dream”
“is it future or is it past?”

this was a whole spiritual experience oh my god WHAT THE FUCK how am i supposed to review this let alone get my thoughts together to truly write about what i just watched. twin peaks: the return is one of the most creative, unique, and surreal seasons that has ever aired in television history. it’s so timeless and artistically distinct and perfectly captures the mysterious atmosphere that is twin peaks. this is honestly a gift, thank you mr. lynch and thank you showtime for allowing this masterpiece to be shown on your network. this is also lynch’s funniest, most horrifying work in my opinion. his visions are clear and i pray he makes more films at least one more in his lifetime. i really can’t write a review that encapsulates all that is twin peaks: the return so you’ll just have to witness it all yourself. i kid you not when i say this is one of the greatest things i've ever seen. i can go on and on about it. the cast was phenomenal and so iconic, the fucking visuals man, the surrealism of it all, i wouldn’t change a thing. this is art. this is cinema.

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