Tenet ★★

Lets get the good stuff out the way: visual effects, action sequences, great locations and Robert Pattinson.

The rest is just muffled dialogue, loud noises (my ears are singing the sweet song of tinnitus this morning after watching it last night) and lots of words like "inversion", "algorithm", "pincer movement" and "nuclear holocaust" being thrown around.

The characters are factory stock - the greatest depth of the woman is that she has a son and the baddy just wants to end the world because he is a bit mad (thank god we saw him kill his mate with a shovel, really added the back story we all needed to one of the worst casting decisions in modern day cinema).

Throughout we are treated to the phrase "ignorance is our ammunition" as characters ask all sorts of questions and we are teased with answers that may come, but never do. It's unfortunate that this film has been designed for multiple repeat viewings because I won't be coming back in a hurry.

I can't even be bothered to write about the plot. I'm not sure if I'm not smart enough to understand it, or if I'm smart enough to understand it and know that it's not smart. Nolan hit the highs of cerebral thrillers with Inception and unfortunately this was an absolute mess that doesn't even come close.

To end on a good note though, Pattinson is a show stealer. Washington was good, his laid back style and aura of "cool" cannot be ignored. He was a likeable lead, very easy to follow and gave some life to an otherwise dull script. But Pattinson just outshone him at every turn, his presence on screen is so strong that it drew my eye to the point where I didn't even notice other characters.

Oh, it was lovely to be back at the cinema as well.

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