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  • Spiritual Kung Fu

  • VHYes


  • A Nasty Piece of Work


  • Little Monsters

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  • Spiritual Kung Fu

    Spiritual Kung Fu

    Not one of Jackie's good ones. It's best to skip it.

  • VHYes


    Woah, these other reviews are way too nice for such a boring barely held together surreal comedy. In theory this film about a 12 year old who starts getting stuck in his own recordings sounds like a great horror movie. Too bad this is not a horror movie, but a dumb, lazy and tired comedy sketch show that doesn't fit well together. Don't even bother for a so bad it's good night. It's just boring.

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  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense

    It could have been a very endearing cult dark comedy, but for some reason dir/writer Riley thought that everyone should talk in a monotone like in The Lobster. If he just made it a bit more approachable with people having some emotion instead of talking like Data from TNG, it would be a cult hit, but he squandered that. There are just some amazing lines and jokes that are delivered by robots instead of people and it takes you out of the film.

  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

    Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

    Woah, Sam Liu can't keep making these awful films. Whose giving these any sort of support? They're always missing their mark.