Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Syrupy Vengeance.

A great watch in the cinema - several moments had the whole hall laughing, others hushed everyone. The script was exceptionally well balanced between fast paced and slow sections, between outbursts of violence and dialogue-heavy sequences. Despite the somewhat repetitive talionic narrative, the individual chapters (I always love when movies are devided in chapters) were always entertaining and well designed dramatically.

Even if the script is close to perfect, I can definetly understand how people don't like the ending. But I really dug it - morally ambiguous, culminating the action and build-up of the previous 1,5 hours and cutting or tieing all loose ends. Yes, it definetly is not the fairytale ending of "All the bad people die and all the good people live happily ever after". In fact, it even leaves a lot of interpretation of events to come to the viewer. But if you can live with this writing choice, even concerning a difficult and sensitive topic like "Promising Young Woman" circles around, you will enjoy even the final moments.

Apart from characters and story, the brash and colourful visual design and cinematography are definetly a divisive artistical element. Once again I have to say: I loved it. Every shot of sugary coated muffins, flashing clubs and exuberant costumes evokes excitement and gives this movie a unique aesthetic. I don't know if this visuality is intended to actively contrast the grim story or if it simply serves as a way of visual expression - you can decide that for yourself but I wouldn't rely on this aspect of interpretation for your final verdict on this movie.

I understand how people view this as "shallow" or "unredeeming" and if you feel this is true, there is probably no way of convincing you otherwise. For me, "Promising Young Woman" is an interesting and intense but far from perfect movie about grieving, revenge, love and healing.