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  • Petite Maman

    Petite Maman


    Sciamma has made a gift that is this precise world so in tune with its characters’ uncertainties, unspoken needs and above all, duties of care. Films about children usually make me quite sad, but there is something very restorative and uplifting about the honesty and trust placed in these intuitions across the different relationships. Children are so good at tending to needs because they have to be to survive...somehow as adults we can make choices to quieten needs as vulnerability…

  • Titane



    Earlier in the week I saw this collage that reads “oh, the dirty places I have crawled to find love” and I kept thinking back to it whilst watching Titane, which for now feels like a parable about the things people will do to scrape love from anywhere, and what they will overlook for it. An exploration of the boundaries you set around your body and the bodies of others. Its shock erotica and horror elements almost escape me against its…