Love, Death & Robots: Suits

Love, Death & Robots: Suits ★★½

The fourth episode of Netflix’s sci-fi anthology Love Death + Robots (2019) and the second of four segments animated by Blur Studio, Suits, which is based on Steven Lewis’ SUITS short story from SNAFU: Future Warfare (2017), pits a small group of farmers in mechs against massive hordes of alien invaders. 

If I were to base my opinions solely on stills of Suits visuals, then it’s vibrant characters and interesting environments would place it near the top of the series. In motion, however, Suits quickly finds itself in trouble. The fluidity of character motion randomly drops off like the frame-rate is being throttled. I also found myself incredibly distracted by the edges of objects, which were is either extremely blurry or cartoonishly rounded. Clunky and inconsistent animation isn’t a style, it’s laziness.

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