I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★

There's a scene in this film when they're driving home and they start talking about A Woman Under the Influence. Young Woman (yes she is literally called that) starts talking about how the film has structure and thought behind it but no substance. An endless mindfield of platitudes and fortitudes. This got me me thinking, what would anyone get out of a work like this? Something that has no purpose yet posits that it does.

This is kinda how this film works, it flirts with multiple ideas but it never seems to actually care about these ideas. It likes to say "you can't criticise me, I'm self aware, that's the point" not only is this quite lazy but what does the audience get out of this at all. It's so emotionless that it closes the conversation rather than opens it. While I'm not going to say this doesn't have anything of value, there's quite a few sequences that I loved it's just that the film likes to kneecap itself.

Kaufman is like David Lynch for sociopaths, a film that acts like it's in touch with the human experience but is actually so self destructive and inward that it ends up leaving a sour taste in your mouth. I certainly don't regret watching this at all but if I had the option of watching an empathetic portrayal of a woman in trouble I'd watch Inland Empire or Fire Walk With Me.

Kaufman is best left behind in a time where I was self destructive and I needed art that echoed that sentiment. Thanks to the filmmakers that make me feel glad to be alive, Kaufman you're just not one of them.

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