Halloween II

Halloween II ★★★★★

Love hurts

Spirits can fly, can dance, they can swim into any crevice but could they ever flow through each of us. Could we rise above the horror to find our salvation, a verve, a purpose fulfilled, a chance for us all to be saved? We all live on even in death each one of us is felt, lives are stolen away from us but nothing was ever in vain. Our souls sing even when our bodies give in, the link that connects us all, makes us one, allows us to breathe through each other. All the chaos that occurs around us, that suffocates us none of it says anything about who we are, only the makers who determine our fates. Nothing is carved in iron, destiny is not predetermined, no one can make us feel like we don't matter. What it must be like to stand up, take control and claim your place within the fabric of this world.

Laurie's journey takes me to places I am scared to go, afraid that I'll never come back from, I don't want to be lost, I don't want to be disregarded. I just wanna be loved and cared for, I want someone to hold me in my arms and tell me everything's ok. Perhaps I will never break away from my troubles, my anxiety reigns supreme forever but it's not all that will ever be. There's constant reinvention, living and dying repeatedly, going to the lowest point I could possibly go before things start getting clear again. There are people that love me and I love them, I believe in that, in fact I know that. Sometimes I look into someone's eyes and see their soul looking back at me, it's the most graceful thing I've ever experienced, I feel touched and I know in my heart the other people does as well.

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