• Neko


    Tremendous news today for strangers on the internet who have surely just been waiting for me to announce when and how they can watch this film: 'Neko' has been selected to play this year's Long Distance Film Festival.

    The festival will live stream May 27th-31st, with 3 screening blocks, each block repeated twice.

    'Neko' screens in the 'Present' block, on May 29th & 30th.

    More info here:

    You can find a letterboxd list of the full program here:

    I hope you'll tune in!

  • Limite


    "From that opening title which jumps out at us, dripping with fear, you’re right that there is a stylistic bombast not yet tethered down by the composure of growing older. The second shot channels this energy into the unforgettable image of hands cuffed in front of the face of the female protagonist (I guess she is ‘mulher 1’). This crossfades into a close-up of her eyes which crossfades to the glistening of sunlight on the ocean. It is a sublime…

  • Sun Song

    Sun Song

    amazing and free to watch for a limited time alongside a brilliant talk by Bernard right here:


  • peace prayer

    peace prayer

    I made a new short film. It is 6 minutes of nature shots.

    You can watch it right here:

  • The Spiritual Life of Wholesale Goods

    The Spiritual Life of Wholesale Goods

    "Before starting the series, I had watched a couple of Wilson’s short films on Vimeo, such as How to Live with Regret, but it wasn’t until after I had finished the series that I went back to watch what quickly became a personal favorite, The Spiritual Life of Wholesale Goods. It was here that I encountered the single image from Wilson’s oeuvre which left the strongest impression in my memory: “The Perfect Employee”."

    a little more about 'How To' here:

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    "Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy—also a triptych—approached this ‘issue’ of depicting the current moment in its third chapter, ‘Once Again’, by inverting reality. While there are no facemasks present, the shooting of the segment solves practical issues by focusing largely on two actresses—a minimal approach which nearly applies to the rest of the film anyway—and an opening text explanation: a digital virus rather than biological one. A utopian inversion of the real-life virus, Hamaguchi imagines a world attacked…

  • Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

    Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn


    "After a bout of homemade coitus-on-tape, Radu Jude’s Golden Bear-winning Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn begins ‘proper’ on the streets of Bucharest, dotted with the conspicuous presence of facemasks (as well as the realistic drove of folks who fail to cover their noses or forego the mask entirely). Of the decision to include masks in the film, Jude offers two deciding factors in the press kit:

    'Firstly, because the film was supposed to be contemporary and the masks were…

  • May June July

    May June July


    "Kevin Jerome Everson’s (or keverson, as it always appears in the end credits) may june july is among his strongest engagements with the short form to date, and seemingly comprises of material shot in those months of last year. The first shot features a diagonal divide through the screen, cutting it into thick yellow paint and gray concrete. Rollerblades weave in and out of the frame. Then close-ups on flowers in the dark of night, crickets chirping, flowers lit individually…

  • Maat Means Land

    Maat Means Land

    This film is currently free to stream as part of the new Prismatic Ground festival:

    "Fox Maxy’s short film Maat Means Land (2020) also trades in political and ethnic identity as a diffuse entity and language, though to a more extreme degree. His film is more than twice the length of Sanzgiri’s, and yet it is both a denser and more formally far-flung object, rife with rapid cutting and a refusal to establish fixed spatial and temporal dimensions. At…

  • Water's Edge
  • Srećan Put

    Srećan Put

    Hello! I recently completed my new feature film!

    It stars Martin Bremer, Valentin Duceac, Balaji Govindarajan, and myself.
    The music is by Big Waves of Pretty.

    You can watch the first teaser, narrated by (parody) Roger Ebert here:

    If you like the song, you can download it here:

    You can also follow new updates about the film via this twitter thread:

    Thanks for reading this and clicking links, I hope you are hyped.

  • Bouquets 1-10

    Bouquets 1-10


    “People sometimes ask why I make films about flowers, whether there are not more important things to do today than to make films about flowers. My answer would be: are there really more important things?

    If we don’t have flowers, we don’t have bees and, if the bees disappear, we’re going to disappear as well because the bees are an essential link in our food chain. When a society cannot sustainably produce its own food, it disappears. Hence the answer is that flowers are a relevant subject for a film.”

    —Excerpt From: Rose by Rose Lowder.

    Read + Watch my homage to Rose here: