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  • Blast of Silence

    Blast of Silence


    14. The Criterion Challenge 2021 - 1960's - Blast of Silence (1961)

    A pure pulp hard-boiled nightmare If I've ever seen one. Filled with the upmost anger and grit. While only a couple years removed from the Classic Film Noir era, thus considered Neo-Noir - Blast of Silence is Film Noir at its rawest and harshest at core. Allen Baron (who is also writer and director) sizzles in his main role as a brooding hitman carrying a chip on his…

  • Umberto D.

    Umberto D.


    13. The Criterion Challenge 2021 - 1950's - Umberto D. (1952)

    The less I talk about this emotional rollercoaster the better. But seriously, what an emotional gut-punch throughout.

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  • Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Pierre and Sonny Jim

    Sorry David, I watched this on my cellphone.

  • The Astrologer

    The Astrologer

    Lost film, now found. Weirdness abound and all around. A Carnival. A Destroyed car with an axe. Rich people in the park. Kenya. A Hazy Skull popping into your face from the screen. A Deadly snake bite. A Crazed hostile wild-eyed man that has a slight resemblance to Crocodile Dundee. Rape. A Guy shouting - "Don't Kill Me!". A Shotgun blast to the head. A Transition of animated blood pouring down the screen. A Demonic voice saying "Blast.", or was…