Midsommar ★★★★

What an absolutely wild film to kick off the decade with. I loved it even more upon rewatch, there are so many visual cues and foreshadowing to pick up on a second watch. I also found the film to be a bit funnier this time around? I guess it's because I knew what I was getting myself into this time around and therefore the humorous moments of the film felt less out of place. Major props to Florence Pugh for giving what may be my favorite female performance of 2019 which will of course be overlooked this awards season because this is a horror film. An aspect that I can't really recall very many people pointing out is this film's incredible sound mixing/design, it's incredibly effective and really helps to immerse the viewer during pivotal moments. 
There isn't much more for me say here that I haven't said already. Midsommar absolutely rules and Ari Aster is one of the best current horror filmmakers in the business. I love this movie quite a bit and while I can understand this not being a film for everybody, I would highly encourage those who are interested to give it a watch. It's one helluva ride, to say the least.

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