Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

"So. You wanna fuck the homecoming queen?"

Sheryl Lee is a world class actress. David Lynch knew that and it's about time that the rest of us are starting to catch on.

I would still love Twin Peaks if this movie didn't exist. I know that because I loved Twin Peaks for years before I even watched this movie, let alone grow to love it (which took a while), and in that time it was still my favorite show and something I felt honestly embarrassing levels of devotion toward (levels of devotion which have only increased since). But so much of what I love about Twin Peaks, and what I think about when I think about Twin Peaks, is primarily given here. I dunno. I tried to write more, to clarify what I meant, but it's hard. The show explains that life has meaning in Twin Peaks. But Fire Walk With Me demonstrates it. Every single excruciating, hectic, glorious, ugly, horrifying, beautiful, tragic moment of Laura Palmer's life has meaning.

One of things that drew me to Twin Peaks was the characters. That show has so many fantastic characters that listing my favorites is exhausting (but I'm gonna list a few because I love them so much: Gordon Cole, Nadine Hurley, Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Maddy Ferguson, The Log Lady, Shelly Johnson, Norma Jennings, Garland Briggs, Lucy Moran, Sarah Palmer, Albert Rosenfield/Rosenfeld depending on the episode, among many, many others) and I love all of them, sure, but I don't love any of them the way I love Laura Palmer. And this movie is why. In just over two hours, Lynch takes us to the absolute edge, in my opinion the darkest point he's ever reached as a filmmaker, and then brings us back, brings back the angels, tears away all of the pain and sorrow and fear he created and instead gives us redemption. Nothing will ever top this.

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