American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★½

"I mean, I guess I'm a pretty sick guy."

*insert joke about this being an altogether decent sequel to American Beauty here*

*insert joke about this beating Legally Blonde as the best movie wherein Reese Witherspoon breaks down in re: a break-up at a restaurant here*

I think I said "Man, rich people are fucking weird" to myself roughly 30 times while watching this. Mary Harron's American Psycho is a, uh, strange little film, to put it mildly. At times almost shockingly funny, it never seems to reside in any one particular genre. Drama? Thriller? Black Comedy? Character Study? Horror? The answer: yes.

Set in the high-paced high-stakes corporate world of Wall Street, American Psycho follows Patrick Bateman, a homicidal, delusional (?) VP who works in murders and executions -- sorry, mergers and acquisitions. (I'm not sure if that's actually what he did, so sorry to any mega-fans if I'm ignoring the canon.) The film pairs consumerism and capitalism with some brutal fucking murder in a pretty interesting way, even if we are basically yelling "I get it already!" at the screen by the end (it's a one-trick pony, but it's a pretty cool trick).

I wasn't all that interested in Bateman's psychotic break. Maybe because it's already impossible for me to connect with a character like this (kinda the point), but after spending 102 minutes with him, I was a bit bored. It may not go down as the best character study of a serial killer (I'd give that honor to Angst or Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or, most likely, M), but I'd be fine giving it the honor of most entertaining (since you really can't say that about the other films I listed), and probably the most popular. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't really mind having to return this video tape.

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