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  • Alien 2: On Earth

    Alien 2: On Earth


    I feel like I hear a lot about Alien 2: On Earth without ever actually hearing about Alien 2: On Earth. What I mean is: this movie gets invoked a lot as just like "oh those crazy Italians, did you know they made an Alien sequel in 1980? and it's called Alien 2 instead of Aliens, which is such a dumb title" and the only time you hear anyone actually talk about the content of the movie is some comment…

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  • Science Crazed

    Science Crazed


    I knew something was truly irreparably wrong with my brain when I didn't even bat an eye during the eighth straight minute of aerobics footage.

    In terms of 1989 trash horror outsider art from Canada, Science Crazed is no Things. But it is still plenty great, and plenty incomprehensible—about a mad scientist's experiment gone wrong, the creation of a monster, and the strange endless building he wreaks havoc in. That's the basic plot, and it's pretty simple, delivered largely through…

  • Celluloid Nightmares

    Celluloid Nightmares


    "Aren't you embarrassed to call yourself a director making videos like this? Only gross weirdos will watch it." So true.....

    There are two (that I know of) snuff-focused Japanese horror or horror-adjacent movies called Celluloid Nightmares (in English, obviously) and both of them are far far more focused on nightmares of the shot-on-video variety!! The level of unprofessionalism...anyway, this is the worse of the two, but still "pretty" "good," about a news team trying to uncover the truth behind a…

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  • Weekend



    "Gay people never talk about it in public, unless it's just cheap innuendo."

    The film's thesis, if it has one, is stated near the 2/3 mark between the two main characters. "Because they shove it down our throats all the time, being straight. Straight story-lines on television, everywhere, in books, on billboards..." It doesn't take long consuming media while being gay before realizing that straight people - at least the ones making our media - don't care about us or…

  • The Master

    The Master


    "Do you often think about how inconsequential you are?"
    "Do you believe God will save you?"

    Above all else, Freddie is lonely.

    I just finished watching the incredibly strange (both incomprehensible yet easy to follow) The Master, and that is the only thing of which I can be certain. It's easy to watch The Master and, like his followers, be compelled towards "the Master" himself (I will withhold the obvious Doctor Who jokes), Lancaster Dodd, as he is…