Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★★

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I watched the first 10 minutes of this on YouTube and it was all played in reverse, and I just thought that was how it was meant to be. It made sense and it was really cool actually to see a spaceship unblowing up and people going through their lives backwards, all with a backwards soundtrack that sounded intentional. I only later realized that was not how the film was meant to be. However, I'm sure Christopher Nolan has this reverse version bookmarked on his computer because it's the type of thing he would absolutely splooge over.

This movie is so incredible. The impact of certain images here is extraordinary, and through montage, it creates a sort of thematic poem that takes us on a journey through the destruction of the Earth. From nature's serene beauty, to humanity's invasive tendency to destroy and rebuild, this takes us through all of it, ultimately landing on the theme that humanity is doomed to destroy itself. Dark, right?

The music provides an epic backdrop for the images. Philip Glass is a legend and this soundtrack blew me away.

I can only describe this as if David Attenborough read a shit ton of Nietzche before he made Planet Earth.