Cosmopolis ★★★★★

"I understand none of it. But it tells me how rigorous we need to be in order to take adequate measure of the world around us. Because time is a corporate asset now. It belongs to the free market system. The present is harder to find." – Vija

"[Y]ou forgot something along the way... The importance of the lopsided. The thing that's skewed a little. You were looking for balance. Beautiful balance, equal parts, equal sides, I know this. I know you. But you should have been tracking the yuan in its ticks and quirks. A little quirk. A misshape. The misweave. That's where the answer was." – Benno

The idea unknown, the desire understood.

Is this how the world ends? Not with a bang, but with the misinterpretation—miscalculation, even—of our own texts taken as biblical.

I understand none of it, but this I know: the present insists, and its insistence—anticipated as it is by the rigor of capital—is the quirk, the grounds for a mishap, the basis for anxiety and misreading.

Yet, what will be left of us at the end of capitalism? Syndromes and complexes, indifference and disdain. Two people—one of the super-rich, the other of the impoverished masses—willing to kill and be killed, in nihilistic gestures of self-destruction, with no sense of pain, even.

Or will we be beings attempting to exercise and evoke some innate but forgotten sense of sympathy and pathos:

"I don't know how to be indifferent. I can't master this. And it makes me susceptible to pain. In other words, it hurts." – Elise

Anyway, I understand none of Cosmopolis, but this I know: I thought it was extraordinary, and will certainly revisit it very soon.

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