Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★½

Sporadically captivating, but one can't help but think that this material simply isn't suited for big screen treatment.

Twin Peaks is a badass show. I just recently started getting into shows a couple of years ago, and it's somewhat unfortunate that Twin Peaks was the first one I jumped into. Having no frame of reference, I liked it, but didn't appreciate it in the way I should have. The uniqueness is no doubt enhanced when one has a base and foundation driven by shows of the more ordinary variety. As such, I see a re-watch in the future for me.

This material has the rare knack of being both too long and too short for the cinema. This is material suited for show treatment as, in my opinion, it is best when viewed in small increments every couple of days. It is material that is best and holds the greatest amount of power when it has resonated for a couple of days in the viewer's mind, and the viewer has that urge to jump back and bask in the atmosphere. The one constant that kept popping into my mind during the viewing last night was how the overall experience was completely different as a movie.

The ultimate problem here is that while there are highlights to be had here, the film simply doesn't measure up when viewed as a whole. The journey just isn't very fulfilling, particularly when one views it in comparison to the medium that came before it. I will say that one thing it does do pretty damn well is increase one's appreciation for the show. As a film, it's not an utter failure, but I can't help but at the very least I can't help but feel that it wasn't necessary.

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