In the Earth ★★★

Frustratingly close to being brilliant. There is so much going on in it, from eco horror and all-to-relevant pandemic commentary to folk mystery and relationship drama, it's just it feels like things are being made up as it goes along. Beautifully creepy cinematography and enough strobe lights to make me miss my clubbing days aside, I kept waiting for something extraordinary to happen but to no avail.

The acting was class though. A tiny cast of some of these shore's finest modern talents; Reece Shearsmith in full distrust of non-locals mode, the prolific Joel Fry, Ellora 'Connie from Midsommar' Torchia and Hayley Squires who is a force, they all keep things grounded even when the story descends into quite messy and borderline tedious territory.

That's the thing with Ben Wheatley - he's consistently inconsistent, fortunately this is much more akin to the brutally nasty Kill List than to the more recent and, for me, nonsense that was Free Fire. I'm a little worried about how he'll do with the Tomb Raider sequel but that's for another day.

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