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This review may contain spoilers.

I took a break from finishing all the Avengers movies so that I could get some sleep at 7:00 am. This was the ultimate culmination of 22 films and an extremely satisfying conclusion to the Infinity Saga. After the shocking ending of Infinity War, it had a lot of expectations. It was a difficult task to successfully conclude this journey, but the Russo Brothers were able to do it again.

The movie starts out with Clint Barton and his family and immediately, they fade away, which sets the tone for the movie. After some time into the movie, Thanos was killed and I remember how shocking it was to be this early in the film. It then went forward five years and I had no idea where the film was going next. I enjoyed seeing the effect the snap had on each character and where they end up in those five years. It was cool to see Professor Hulk in this movie and it’s a good way to complete his arc in this universe. Despite not liking that they made Thor fat, it was a good way to add more character.

I’ve always been a sucker for time travel movies and when done well, it makes the film even better. The movie clearly states the rules for time travel in this universe, making it easy to understand so that there’s no butterfly effect. When they bring us back to The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor: The Dark World, it was fanservice done right. It was extremely thrilling to see them back at that time but it was with a purpose. When we got to Vormir, it was sad to see Black Widow die but it made sense for the situation. The sequence of Clint and Natasha going back and forth was well executed. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the Black Widow movie now. There are so many great lines that set up a lot, but also are excellent callbacks to other movies. Alan Silvestri once again creates a notable score, especially in Portals. The final act is one of the best sequences from Captain America finally picking up Mjolnir all the way to the portals of everyone coming in, to Iron Man performing the snap. There are a lot of fanservice moments, but it’s not negative to the movie. For someone who has been watching since 2011, these moments were some of the best parts of the film.

Like Infinity War, the Russo Brothers are able to put humor in this without undercutting the serious moments. The character development is also done excellently. With so many characters in this film, it’s hard to give everyone a moment to shine, but they made a lot of them stand out. I thought Nebula’s arc in this was wonderful. One of my favorite scenes is when Tony is playing paper football with Nebula and she wins a round. Both Tony and Steve have an amazing journey throughout the MCU and these endings for them were perfect. As sad as it was to see Tony sacrifice himself, it was the right way to end his journey. The final ending of Steve finally getting his dance with Peggy was also the perfect way to close. There are definitely things in this movie that you can nitpick, but as a whole, this was an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect finale to this gigantic saga.

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