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  • King-Size Canary

    King-Size Canary


    Tex Avery injected rapid growth hormones into Tom & Jerry's distant cousins, and hence helped update the kaiju universe for the Atomic Age.

  • Screwball Squirrel

    Screwball Squirrel


    Tex Avery is Disney's brutally honest id, and even though I agree with Tex on Screwy Squirrel is an uncharismatic bully of a troll, completely worthy of his future permanent annihilation, I'll admit that I'm eternally thankful that even back then, Disney had a sizable countercultural backlash against his whitewashing of nature itself. I'll also admit that I'm forever thankful that Tex Avery had his own inner demon beat the ever-loving crap out of Sammy Squirrel, the suffocatingly saccharine schmuck that epitomizes the worst aspects of corporate animation. If only Screwy didn't provoke and mean-spiritedly abuse that poor dog, though...

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  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    Instructor's Note: Here's the question our professor asked us to consider whilst watching the movie - How does this film adhere to the conventions of Film Noir? Name some elements associated with Film Noir and give specific examples of how Double Indemnity uses those elements. [Mary Dutterer]

    Initial Response: Double Indemnity has been often described as the first archetypal film noir, or at least "arguably the first to bring together all the major elements of the style" (Arnold 91). While…

  • Jonah



    Life lesson #127: "There's always a bigger fish out there, especially one that is bigger than you".

    Movie lesson #1093: No, silly - big fish don't go around randomly photobombing babyfaced Daniel Kaluuya's pictures. Remember that they do have time travel at their disposal, and that those aquatic aliens will always use their gift in order to protect themselves, up to and including rewriting history.