The Death of David Cronenberg

The Death of David Cronenberg

From an interview with Cronenberg about the film:

I left [the corpse] up there for a couple of days and I’d occasionally just go and check it out. It had an emotional resonance with me. The obvious thing is [the short film] is a little metaphorical piece about a person embracing his own death. I embrace it, partially because I have no choice: This is man’s fate.”

David’s wife, Carolyn Cronenberg, passed away four years ago.

“[She] died in that house, in a bed, and it felt like when she died, partly, like I died, and I still feel that. That corpse is my wife to me. So it’s not just a frivolous horror film. It is a film about love and the transient aspect of being human.”


That’s quite a lot more to unpack from a 54 second long NFT short than I was expecting...

But a very potent and on-the-nose image of mortality and acceptance. 

Don’t know that I can rate this though.

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