Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

When did Guy Ritchie movies start taking themselves so goddamn seriously? What happened to his style of filmmaking? It feels more of like a knock off or something. 

While I personally didn’t think The Gentlemen was anything amazing, at least it felt like a Guy Ritchie movie.. and this just feels like another macho action / revenge story that could’ve been made by anyone. By all means there’s some good, it’s not bad for what it is.. it’s just not what I expected. The plot is a bit bizarre and it jumps forward in time way to often…. This movie feels like a long trailer at points as well which is cool for trailers, and that’s it. 

The cinematography is pretty good, there’s some cool shots and at points the action is very good. Jason Statham does his usual tough-guy routine.. the best of the movie are the part not focusing on Jason Statham tbh and seeing the point of view from the crew was the highlight. Everything from a technical standpoint is really good and I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece like Snatch or something as stylistic like The Man From U.N.C.L.E but at least something creative from a Director I really like.

It’s decent.. and some people probably love this type of movie.. I think it’s highly rewatchable though, but the magic is missing in my opinion.

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