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  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    The more you drive, the less intelligent you become.

    I believe that this film is the purest cinematic distillation of the Minutemen's seminal album, Double Nickels on the Dime. In the pacing - cowpunk interludes, manic fits, but never careening that far off the edge, more like driving on a wide open road. As well as the themes - paranoia, cynicism, anger, and absurdity.

    The POV is informed by car-centric infrastructure of LA. We are a passenger. The view washes…

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  • The Decline of Western Civilization

    The Decline of Western Civilization


    Personally, I've been through one too many youth movements.

    You can't deny the power of this editing and cinematography. The ability to capture the energy of a live performance and also small throwaway moments as microcosms. Its really got style.

    A big gaping unspoken hole here is how queer so many people in these bands or interviewed are. Like at least one member of catholic discipline went on to form popular lesbian punk band but instead we interview the most…

  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown

    The Town That Dreaded Sundown


    The Phantom has an excellent muscularity to his movements. Everyone else's timing is just a little bit off.

    It really captures a time and a place. As a former Texan I was drawn in to the railroad boom town architecture and perfectly nailed sub-regional accents. So much of film feels placeless as CA seems to encompass everything.

    Cinematography was interesting only when we are close to a woman's last moments. Their makeup, hair, lighting... All taking on a supernatural artifice…

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  • Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

    Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge


    Look, everything you like about SBMD franchise is here in abundance. This installment is extremely improved by removing the usual boyfriend b plot element and leaning into the comedy.

    People who might be skeptical bc they don't like melodrama... Look he is an evil Mr Bean stalking around mcmansions with a hypodermic needle held in his hand like a hatchet. He bodies 2 cops in this movie using this method

  • Invasion U.S.A.

    Invasion U.S.A.


    Look at them....they're soft. Spangled with decadence.

    This film was originally called The War on Christmas.

    Things this movie has that I like:
    ✅ Airboats
    ✅ Gators (kind of a given with airboats)
    ✅ A tough man with soft spot for a small animal (pet armadillo)
    ✅ Taking a big bazooka to an idyllic American suburb on Christmas
    ✅ Characters named very literally after their functions a la Tenessee Williams
    ✅ shooting a man in the dick on two occasions
    ✅ Hot slavs
    ✅ Ball busting female journalist
    ✅ International communist solidarity
    ✅ Close range bazooka shoot out
    ✅ "you're really starting to piss me off"