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This review may contain spoilers.

Although ultimately the film doesn't have much to say, I certainly enjoyed it more than The Greasy Strangler and An Evening with Beverley Luff Lin, both of which director Ant Timpson produced. Unlike those aforementioned films, Timpson never allows the ramping tension of Daddy to be disrupted by haphazard structuring or overtly distracting absurdity. There are still moments of the same alternative absurdist humour that characterizes Jim Hosking's output, but they augment this film rather than being the film itself.

I'm glad I didn't watch any extended trailer of this film either, because the surprises are great and it was wonderful not knowing what would come next. Elijah Wood is also the perfect foil for the unfolding chaos of the film; I've always felt it was impossible for Wood to hide the natural decency and goodness imbued in his wide eyed features (Which is why he was so miscast as the angry outcast in I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore) and here they are the perfect contrast to the murderous, self-serving characters he encounters.

As a very dark comedy on dysfunctional relationships between father and son, I kind of loved it. The ambiguity of the ending - was his Father's letter motivated by selfishness or not? - was nice too.

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