Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Ah yes, the Ark of the Covenant. Or, as a very wise man once called it, the Nazi face melter.

Really a pinnacle of 1980s action movies. Indiana Jones has become a pop culture icon today, and it’s thanks to this film. Harrison Ford does an excellent job as Indiana. That’s all there is to say about him. Marion is pretty good, the villain is intimidating and good at being unlikable, and the supporting villains are all Nazis, so they’re still very dangerous.

For the actual adventure, the religious lore of the Ark draws great attention to the awe and power of God. Especially during Jones’ and the villain’s dialogue, they both want to see what’s inside, but Indiana has the sense to look away. It kinda reminds me of Isaiah having a vision of God with the seraphims, and he covered his eyes because he’s seen God with his unclean, sinful eyes. That kind of religious awareness is what makes Indiana charming because he does the better research on these artifacts. Anyway, with action, it’s amazing, especially with Ford doing all of the stunts. The design of the various temples (not of doom though they look it) are wonderful, and it’s admirable they got so many snakes in one part. Makes me squirm. So, one of the greats coming from Spielberg, a great.

See, guys? Take from Indy’s example, skip to the end and shoot the guy. Just one great scene from a fantastic adventure film.

And the best part: it’s PG, so I can show this to my kids. All of it.