Love, Death & Robots: Suits

Love, Death & Robots: Suits ★★★

Blue-collar workers against aliens swarms. Reminds me of A Quiet Place, Aliens and a little bit Starship Troopers.

Inconsequential fun.

Sonnie's Edge: 4/5
Three Robots: 3.5/5
The Witness: 4.5/5
Sucker of Souls: 2.5/5
When The Yogurt Took Over: 4/5
Beyond The Aquila Rift: 3.5/5

Good Hunting: 4.5/5
Featuring my favorite animation style of the season, this martial artsy, cyberpunky meditation on colonialism, exploitation and monsters makes for a fulfilling watch.

The Dump: 2.5/5

Libertarian rednecks are at least good for some gross-out chuckles.

Shape-Shifters: 2/5
Outcast drama in a what-the-fuck-are-we-here-for military yawn.

Helping Hand: 3.5/5
Blue-collar Gravity. A cinge-inducing look at a very plausible just-another-day-at-the-office in the possiply nead future.

Fish Night: 4/5
Hauntingly beautiful.

Lucky 13: 3.5/5
Oh look, it's the lady from Orange is the new Black! Nameless grunts on a nameless rock fighting nameless enemies on a named gunship, with great dog fights and an AI curiouly lacking any means of expression except one, when it really counts.

Why do I care about a gunship and its pilot in the span of a few minutes?

Zima Blue: 4/5
Bringing art down to earth, with an exploration about the line between humanity and AI.

Blind Spot: 3/5
Fast and Furious with cybernetics.

Ice Age: 3.5/5
Night at the Museum: Home Experience

Alternate Histories: 3.5/5
The scenarios had me in stitches; so inventive. Takeaway: for best outcome, have lots of sex.

Secret War: 2.5/5
Hell Boy gone wrong, terribly wrong. Predictable and boring.