The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

so narratively all over the place and stuffed with subplots that i kinda wish Campos went completely ham and made a 5-hour epic or a miniseries along the lines of the Coens and Lav Diaz. rarely do i critique a film by wishing it was longer but i probably would’ve felt more soaked into its atmosphere if it were. and i get why its brutality is as pervasive as it is but certain moments around the film’s halfway point really beat the dead appalachian horse. but still, what’s present is pretty great, tense and bleak and filled with visually pleasing good shit. Campos knows how to work with such a huge cast and make each person shine in their own way. Lol Crawley is a fantastic cinematographer (and the owner of an amazing name). Robert Pattinson is a mastermind vocal shapeshifter. Tom Holland is an angry lil country boy. been a minute since i’ve seen a film that felt so bloated and i’m noticing Campos losing me a bit the more he drifts away from the stuff he was doing in Afterschool and Simon Killer, but still this is really well crafted and never not interesting to look at.

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